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Bluepreneur Asia Ventures

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Bluepreneur Asia Venture: Consulting Service

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Who Are We?

Bluepreneur Asia Ventures is a venture builder and startup incubator company, consisting of a global community of startups, entrepreneurs, consultants, and investors, missioned in saving the Ocean and ensuring the sustainability of freshwater resources.

Our programs are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal while ensuring social sustainability is optimized:
SDG 6: Clean Water Sanitation
SDG 14: Conserve the ocean and sustainably use marine resources

Working Together on Project

Blue Bootcamp Accelerator

Giving a Presentation

Impact Consulting


Community Series

360+ Leaders in 20 Countries
30+ Blue Startups
Microgrants in 8+ Countries
60+ Mentors and Speakers in 14 Countries

Our Vision

To restore the health of our oceans and
ensure the sustainability of water for future generations.

Our Mission

Scaling impact startups in the SDG 6 and SDG 14 sectors across Asia Pacific region with our network of impact investors and advisors, relevant connections, ocean experts in solving Ocean challenges while achieving social sustainability.



"From the program, I’ve learnt that one should re-imagine and think about a new era of blue economy as 72% of earth is covered with water.

I was inspired by the reputable market practitioners and leaders invited for the courses and mentoring alongside the onboarding of diverse individuals across.

Ocean Awareness conveyed and participants inspired to double down on their current social causes"


Low Yen Wei

Bluepreneur Bootcamp 2020 Mentor

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"I saw a group of energetic and talented youngsters who made the event successful. I'd like to congratulate you all for being the rockstars!"

Mentors and Speakers for website_WAI YAN HTUN_edited.jpg

Wai Yan Htun

Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer at Vechnology, Malaysia

  • LinkedIn

"Congratulations! You produced a remarkably effective learning experience for emerging Bluepreneurs from all stages and stakeholders in the Blue Economy Southeast Asian ecosystem!"


Lance C. Boyd

Senior Experiential Education Leadership Specialist at East-West Center, Hawaii

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