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TRAACKR, INC. – Website and Platform Privacy Notice

Purpose of this privacy notice

Who we are


Who we are

Welcome to Traackr, Inc.’s (along with each of Traackr, Inc.’s Corporate Affiliates (as defined below), collectively, “Traackr”, “we”, “us” or “our” in this privacy notice) privacy notice for influencers.

As of the Effective Date, Traackr, Inc.'s Corporate Affiliates include:

  1. Traackr UK Limited
    5 Merchant Square
    London W2 1AY

  1. Traackr FR Sarl
    4 rue Jules Lefebvre
    75009 Paris

We collate publicly available information about influential individuals (“you” or “your” in this privacy notice if we have obtained information about you). This pooled information, or ‘personal data’, is made available on Traackr’s market-research database via Traackr’s influencer relationship management platform (the “platform”) for its users to discover, evaluate and manage their engagement with influential people.

Traackr respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. This privacy notice will inform you as to how we look after your personal data when it is used on our market-research database, your privacy rights and how the law protects you.

When a business customer of Traackr uses our platform, that customer may enter information relating to influencers into its Traackr account. To the extent that information constitutes personal data under the GDPR, that information (excluding that certain publicly available influencer data for which Traackr is the controller (as defined in the GDPR)) is referred to in this privacy notice as “CRM-Stored Influencer Data”). To the extent we process CRM-Stored Influencer Data solely in order to provide the platform to a particular customer, under the GDPR, to the extent applicable, we will act as a processor (as defined in the GDPR) on behalf of that customer in respect of that CRM-Stored Influencer Data; this privacy notice will not apply to the processing of that CRM-Stored Influencer Data and the applicable customer will act as a controller in respect of that CRM-Stored Influencer Data and is responsible for obtaining all necessary consents and providing you with all requisite information as required by applicable law.



It is important that you read this privacy notice together with any other privacy notice or fair processing notice we may provide on specific occasions when we are collecting or processing personal data about you so that you are fully aware of how and why we are using your personal data. This privacy notice supplements the other notices and is not intended to supersede them.



Traackr is based in the United States of America. Our main office is 211 Sutter St, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94108, United States of America. We have developed and manage our market-research database, our ‘Influencer Relationship Management Platform’, which allows its users to manage, expand, validate and scale their networks with influencers.


Traackr is responsible for the protection of personal data that it collates from publicly available information and adds to its market-research database. As such, we are a controller under applicable data protection legislation for personal data which we obtain about you (excluding CRM-Stored Influencer Data).


If you have any questions about this privacy notice, including any requests to exercise your legal rights referred to in ‘Your legal rights’ (paragraph 7 below), please contact our compliance team using the following email address:].

If you are an individual located in the United Kingdom or any country in the European Economic Area (the “EEA”), you have the right to make a complaint at any time to the supervisory authority which regulates the processing of personal data in the country in which you are located. We would, however, appreciate the chance to deal with your concerns before you approach your supervisory authority, so please contact us by emailing in the first instance.

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