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Bluepreneur Asia Ventures is an incubation and startup advisory company that focuses in scaling and supporting startups in the blue economy and freshwater ecosystem, providing advisory services to corporates and capacity building training for youths within the Southeast Asia region.

We launched our first program, the Bootcamp Accelerator Program in the year 2020, a 3-day intensive program, targeted at scaling startups solving ocean and freshwater problems throughout the Southeast Asia region. We support these selected idea-stage startups through our mentorship expertise, entrepreneurship acumens, networking with impact investors and industry expert leaders. Upon graduating, we funnel selected startups that demonstrate scalability further into a 3 months accelerator program and funding phase.

Since our inception in 2020, we have launched three accelerator programs, supported 34 startups and impacted over 250 young leaders.


Bluepreneur Asia had the opportunity to be a recipient of US State Dept and Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative Seeds awards in the year 2022, that provides funding to the promising Southeast Asia leaders to implement projects improving social livelihood and communities in Southeast Asia region. This year, Bluepreneur Asia with the grant received from YSEALI Seeds for Future implemented two programs in the month of November and December. The first program that was implemented in the month November was the Bluepreneur Bootcamp Program. We received over 260 applicants for the program and we shortlisted 65 young leaders from 12 countries surrounding Asia continents. The demographics of these young leaders consists of young adults aged 18 years to 35 years, of marine leaders, young entrepreneurs with existing idea stage startups, and environmental leaders in their home regions working on matters pertinent to marine and freshwater resources. The program was an intensive 3-days continuous program, from 11th-13th November 2022. The workshops conducted for the participants in this program are Social Impact Strategy, Design Thinking for Blue Startups, Blue Financing for Startups, Startup Legal Frameworks, How to write winning startup grant proposals, Art of Pitching & Negotiations, Customer Validation.

All 12 startups and participants were mentored by the industry expert mentors from business, marine and finance background for 3 days throughout. The startups that won the Bootcamp Program are Capilli Trading Inc., Reeformers and Shiftech Marine. These startups consists of team members from diverse Southeast Asia countries. Capilli Trading Inc. is involved in the collection, processing, by- product manufacturing and trading of waste human hair as a raw material that can be used to hair mats for oil spill remediation and grassland restoration. Reeformers is focused on coral restoration efforts to plant and restore more corals onsite, promoting educational eco-dive programs and carbon offset programs in their Indonesia region. Shiftech Marine solves fishery problems by introducing solar battery packs for fishermen to use during their fishing activity and sustainable energy products for fishery communities to utilise.

The second program that we implemented was the Social Impact Consulting Program that was held for 9 days from 13th December to 22nd December 2022. We selected 27 youths from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. We trained these youths on 'Impact Measurement', 'Problem Solving Framework', 'Stakeholder Management', 'Case study sessions' and 'Client-Consultant Practical Hands On', to ensure that the participants gain the social impact consulting skills in accelerating their career forward with Bluepreneur to advise businesses to achieve their social sustainability goals and maximize their impact.


Bluepreneur Asia Ventures in 2022 implemented programs that are impact focused and aligned to achieving combined social goals. These are our top initiatives achieved in the year 2022 at Bluepreneur Asia Ventures.


Bluepreneur Asia Ventures emphasize our programs and works on these four pillars of Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). We strongly believe in prioritizing these SDGs in protecting the natural capital resources, ocean and our communities.


Performance goals are a good way to monitor and measure progress. Below are our impact measurement indicators and results for Bluepreneur programs that was implemented successfully in the year 2022. Bluepreneur Asia Ventures is proud on the positive results achieved and our participants from the Southeast Asia region benefitting from our programs. #ThinkSustainability #ThinkSociety!



Our actions and commitments to further support entrepreneurs in the blue economy ecosystem, empowering leaders through upskilling them with current sustainability skills and helping businesses achieve their social sustainability goals will be further prioritized in the year 2023.

1. Capacity Building Training Providing upskilling and training to leaders from targeted Southeast Asia region on blue economy, biodiversity frameworks, entrepreneurship acumen. 2. Consulting marine companies We help marine companies achieve their impact sustainability and social goals through strategic consulting approach.

3. Impact Financing Funding Bluepreneur startups with impact financing partners and investors.

4. ESG and Carbon Markets In the efforts of ensuring businesses are accountable and transparent with their sustainability initiatives, Bluepreneur strives to empower the carbon market ecosystem and promote ESG markets.

5. Accelerator Program

Bluepreneur Asia continues its efforts in implementing physical Bootcamp programs targeted towards solving high priority marine & water problems.


Our sincere thanks to United States Department of State, Young Southeast Asia Leadership Initiative (YSEALI), YSEALI Seeds for Future, Cultural Vistas and United Embassy Kuala Lumpur in supporting Bluepreneur Asia Ventures' journey of impacting more lives.

We thank you for your continued support in our efforts to contribute to the communities, youth and marine ecosystem.


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