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Impact Report - Bluepreneur Asia Venture 2022

We are excited to present our very first Impact Report 2022, that comprises our sustainability performance and approaches in cultivating an optimal entrepreneurship ecosystem for Blue Tech and Clean Tech startups to flourish in solving pressing Ocean and water challenges.

We heavily invests our commitment in scaling impactful startups purposefully across Asia Pacific regions and exciting times ahead!

About Bluepreneur Asia Ventures

Bluepreneur Asia based in Malaysia and the United States, founded in August 2020, is a startup incubation and venture builder company for scaling impact startups solving ocean challenges and water sanitation issues. Bluepreneur Asia targets startups advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 6 and 14. We specialize in accelerating idea, and growth-stage startups through our impact-designed programs.

We discovered that Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific regions in the sustainability entrepreneurship scene lack a structured sustainable financing and decentralized system of resources that is fundamental to scaling eco-businesses, in meeting important climate solutions.

In 2021, Bluepreneur rebranded and incorporated itself into Bluepreneur Asia Ventures. In 2022, Bluepreneur within its impact ecosystem introduced a pipeline of programs that is focused on achieving optimal social sustainability by improving livelihoods, impacting startups, and scaling more solutions.

  • Bluepreneur’s Bootcamp Accelerator: 2 weeks to 1-month program, connects idea-stage startups with Bluepreneur’s network of mentors, investors, and ocean experts. Startups learn social entrepreneurship acumens and are expected to have a functioning prototype, revenues or paid pilots, and a viable business model capable of generating profits.

  • Bluepreneur’s Impact Consulting: Sustainability consultants providing capacity building training for graduate youths from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines. The youths will gain consulting knowledge and skills in co-consulting startups, non-profit organizations, and firms in achieving optimal social sustainability goals.

  • Bluepreneur’s Impact Investor Relations: Connecting impact investors with high-growth startups, that are investor-ready in receiving revenue-based and equity-financing in scaling their ocean-focused solutions across the Southeast Asia region.

  • Bluepreneur’s Sustainable Financing Chapter: We assist in ensuring that startups have a firm sustainable roadmap when raising funds for their businesses. With our arm of impact investors’ that cares about environmental value-creation, we are confident that startups will have a long-term impact on their growth curve.

  • Bluepreneur’s Community Building Chapter: Our community is our strength. We have introduced Ocean Conversation Series, how businesses should reposition themselves to scale with impact, protecting freshwater and ocean resources. Our entrepreneurship acumens have empowered youths in starting up their ventures and scaling it within their home regions while change-making lives.

Our Approach

Materiality Roadmap- Embedding Innovation within Blue Economy.

Our efforts to scale more sustainable-driven businesses and communities are driven by our abilities to power the startup markets of the future as we seek ways to accelerate positive progress and navigate rapidly evolving industries, while empowering the Blue Economy ecosystem.

In the midst of a rapidly changing economic and ocean sustainability landscape, we conducted a materiality assessment in 2021 in order to innovate urgent sustainability roadmaps for our startups and stakeholders. To date, our materiality assessment has resulted in youth empowerment, Blue Tech impact-focused programs and the expansion of idea-stage ventures. We identified topics critical to our growth as a result of this exercise. Moving forward, these areas drive our sustainability strategy, priorities, targets, and reporting. We recognise that materiality in the context of sustainability is a dynamic process towards harnessing a startup innovation mindset in powering a Blue Economy across the waters of Asia Pacific.

Sustainability Impacts in Our Value Chain

Our Sustainability Performance

This section covers Bluepreneur Asia's sustainability performance and community-driven impacts in Asia Pacific regions, since 2020 till date.

Are you a startup in the Blue Tech sector, looking to expand? Please reach out to us at if you would like to learn more on Bluepreneur.


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