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Press Release - Bluepreneur Asia Venture 2023

Bluepreneur Contributing to Southeast Asia Impact Landscape.

Southeast Asia: In early January 2023, Bluepreneur Asia Ventures successfully concluded their first Social Impact Consulting Program with over 27 youths graduated from Indonesia, Malaysia and the

Philippines through the funded program in becoming trained impact consultants. Throughout the 9 days program which kicked off in late December 2022, the participants were mentored by industry experienced consultants and impact leaders. Interaction with the clients consists of companies working in the field of circular economy, food industry, waste management and education. Bluepreneur then provides career accelerator opportunities for these trained professionals in consulting marine companies under Bluepreneur on the mission of advising corporations and businesses in achieving sustainability goals.

Bluepreneur Asia successfully completed its third yearly Southeast Asia Bootcamp Program last December 2022, with more than 60 youth leaders chosen from 12 countries and funded across Asia continents with 12 idea stage participating marine startups. The participants were mentored by industry expert mentors for 3 intensive days. The startups learnt how to position their businesses with high social impact through workshops focusing on social entrepreneurship acumen, engaging with impact investors, and industry leaders. Capilli Trading Inc., Reeformers, and Shiftech Marine emerged as winners of Bluepreneur Bootcamp Program 2022. These blue-tech startups are solving chemical and oil spillage, coral reef, and fisheries problems respectively. The selected startups will now be funded and channeled for a 5 month accelerator program in helping them scale their product in the targeted regions in Southeast Asia.

Bluepreneur Asia will continue to prioritize their efforts of providing services and programs that meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of Clean Water and Sanitation, Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Life Below Water through:

  1. Providing upskilling and training programs to leaders from Southeast Asia region on blue economy, sustainability impact frameworks, sustainable financing and social entrepreneurship acumen.

  2. Consulting corporates and businesses on achieving their sustainability goals within the Southeast Asia region.

  3. Empowering the Southeast Asia carbon market ecosystem by working with more local carbon offset projects.

Usha Polun Perumal, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Bluepreneur Asia Ventures believes in building thriving communities, envisioning a socially-balanced environment while protecting the marine ecosystem and having more companies accountable to solve sustainability problems together.

Download the full report: IMPACT REPORT 2023 - BLUEPRENEUR VENTURE


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