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Why Bluepreneur?

We discovered that startups solving ocean challenges face fragmented funding structure and resources in growing their businesses. Our Earth is filled with 70% of oceans and water. The effects of climate change have aggravated ocean problems and water sanitation issues, leading to social livelihood and water security challenges.

Bluepreneur Asia is here to reverse these problems.

Who we are?

Bluepreneur Asia Ventures is a venture builder and startup incubator company, consisting of a global community of startups, entrepreneurs, consultants, and investors, missioned in saving our Oceans and ensuring the sustainability of water resources

What we do?

We scale high impact startups solving SDG 6 and SDG 14 through Accelerator Bootcamps, Impact Consulting, Sustainable Impact Financing and our network of centralized resources. Our programs are very impact designed, purposeful and innovation driven towards ensuring the startups maximize important opportunities in tackling market-induced challenges.

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Bluepreneur Community

Over a year, we've built and empowered our Bluepreneur community of 3k followers across the Asia Pacific region. We are inspiring young leaders who are into the Ocean-and-Entrepreneur-related matters.

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