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Bluepreneur Asia Ventures: Scaling Ocean Solutions in the Asia Pacific

Bluepreneur Bootcamp Program 2021, 22 - 24, October 2021.

Asia Pacific – Bluepreneur Asia Ventures; founded by 6 Young Southeast Asia Leadership Initiative Fellows (YSEALI) has concluded Bluepreneur Bootcamp Program 2021, from 22nd-24th October. Bluepreneur Asia Ventures featured their corporate and enterprise partners, speakers, and mentors from the East-West Center, New Energy Nexus, Eco-Business, Mana Earthly Paradise, Izwan & Partners, Drinkentrepreneurs, uPledge, Think.Web, Divers Clean Action, mymizu, and other change-making key entrepreneurial players in the Asia-Pacific region. Bluepreneur’s main supporters for the programme - the U.S. State Department, YSEALI and East-West Center, Hawaii.

The Bluepreneur Bootcamp Program was a three-day intensive and experiential peer-to-peer program that combined entrepreneurship and passion towards the advancement of sustainable blue ocean, and water focused enterprises around Asia-Pacific. Bluepreneur Asia Ventures offered peer-to-peer mentoring and networking opportunities with their network of investors, presenters, and partners during this event. 10 idea stage startups competed this year in the

space of solving sustainable fishing, shipping industry, blue circular economy, eco-tourism, water sanitation, marine biodiversity, marine conservation, disaster management, sustainable aquaculture, and bioenergy and carbon capture problems. The winning startups are Blue People, TRICSEA and Dirgahayu. The startup that emerged victorious was Blue People, whose pitch focused on using Artificial Intelligence technology to capture videos and photographs of coral

health in order to reduce direct human interference on the marine ecosystem. All three startups will collaborate with Bluepreneur Asia Venture’s business partners in scaling forward their solutions across the APAC region.

This year of Bluepreneur Bootcamp also marked a remarkable milestone of drawing in participants from 362 applications, beyond the shores of Southeast Asia region. Their name has spread to other continents and regions, with the insights and experiences of participants joining in from Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Canada, China, Kenya and Bangladesh! The winning startup member from Myanmar also shared his experience as a Burmese student that this Bootcamp Program has helped him on implementing his marine biodiversity solutions with the business acumen learnt despite the current military coup circumstance. The bootcamp saw interconnected ocean problems but also synergistic, multifaceted solutions as well as the value of replicating ideas and prototypes for success back in participants’ respective home regions.

Ms. Usha P. Perumal, CEO, Bluepreneur Asia Ventures.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bluepreneur Asia Ventures, Ms. Usha Polun

Perumal, expressed her belief that Bluepreneur will continue to strive amidst the current sustainability challenges faced by startups and center their attention and drive to solve ocean and water related issues across the Asia-Pacific region.

Bluepreneur Asia Ventures was able to create this game-changing opportunity

together, while connecting 60 young leaders in this program from diverse backgrounds of landscape, knowledge, and experience. This has been their second global bootcamp program virtually to foster idea-stage startups and initiatives. They will continue to scale APAC startups solving the world's pressing problems in energy, oceans, and sustainability sectors for a sustainable future.

To learn more details about the event, please visit Bluepreneur Asia Ventures on their Facebook or via website


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